Who We Are

Jason Griggs- CEO

Jason has been in the Roofing Business since most of you were in your diapers.  That’s a joke, but it sure does seem like it with all the success he’s had.  Starting out as a roofer, he climbed the ladder literally and built up 5 Star to where it is today, (one of the most successful Roofing and Restoration companies on the East Coast.)  He’s been in the biz for over twenty years, and is always grateful for your business, and he’ll never let you down. Jason’s number one goal though, is to work with your insurance company vigorously so you can have your roof replaced, quickly and stress free! Jason is also a certified Drone pilot! If that’s not enough, he’s also a super awesome guy!!

Joshua Costa- Senior Project Manager

Joshua is what most would call the “Man.”  Not only is he the Senior Project Manager, but he’s also the Sales Manager…wait there’s more?  Joshua is also 5 Star’s resident drone operator.  (Reach out to him to get your free Drone inspection.)  He’s Jason’s right hand man, and a huge reason for 5 Star’s success!!

Jessi Griggs- Customer Service Manager Extraordinaire

Jessi is awesome!! Not only is she here to listen and take care of the customer’s concerns and thank them for their compliments, she also does a lot of behind the scenes work for 5 Star…on her off days, she’s  enlightening the young minds of tomorrow, teaching in the local community.

Jody Boyer-Social Media Advertising And Administrative Assistant

Jody is a super star when it comes to Advertising!!  Studying Marketing and Community Relations in College, she’s a force to be reckoned with in the world of Advertising.  She’s really helped to get the 5 Star name out there, not only that, she’s also a really positive and hard working person when it comes to her Administrative duties, and life in general.

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The Roofers

The Bread and Butter of our Biz.  What can we say?  They’re absolutely incredible, and we’re so grateful to have such a brilliant group of roofers who work spectacularly hard day in and day out.  Don’t you worry, they’re getting their steak dinners on us, trust me.

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