Who We Are

Jacob Griggs - COO of 5 Star Roofing

Jacob Griggs-Chief Operations Officer (COO)

As (COO), Chief Operations Officer, Jacob is tasked with perhaps the most important job in the company.  Jacob handles all orders, deliveries, and installation assignments.  In addition, he is the go to guy when the insurance company needs to be corrected in their scope of work and estimates.  Truly an irreplaceable part of the 5 Star Family.  

Joshua Costa-Director of Operations

Joshua is what most would call the “Man.”  Not only is he the Senior Project Manager, but he’s also the Sales Manager…wait there’s more?  Joshua is also 5 Star’s resident drone operator.  (Reach out to him to get your free Drone inspection.)  He’s Jason’s right hand man, and a huge reason for 5 Star’s success!!

Jessi Griggs-Customer Service/Office Manager

As if being married to the CEO for 30+ years isn’t a hard enough job, Jessi has some of the most important responsibilities in the company.  Only one person could handle this job and it is Jessi. Jessi controls all of the correspondence between 5 Star and our customers.  She sends all Material delivery emails, Install emails, Post install emails and alerts homeowners on when the initial itel inspection will be performed and by whom.  As if that isn’t enough she keeps the entire family outfitted and with all of the materials needed for our reps to give our customers a truly 5 Star experience.

Jody Boyer-Administrative Director

Jody knows everything about this company because she has been here since day One.  Nothing goes from A to B without Jody being involved.  Jody is responsible for the flow as it relates to EVERYTHING!  Jody assigns our HAAG inspectors to handle in house inspections, assigns Adjuster appointments, sends contracts, and manages our CRM to ensure a smooth and complete process. 

Jessica Pieper-Project Director

Jessica is the most recent addition to the administrative team but you wouldn’t know it.  Jessica is the person that all incoming employees speak with first and most often.  Our recruiting process is very important to the company so that we can be certain that the representatives that help you in the process are 5 Star quality.  She also handles the website updates, lead acquisitions, and much more.

Jason Griggs - 5 Star Roofing Owner

Jason Griggs-Owner/CEO

The CEO cares about the customers and the success of his employees first, that’s why he requested for his profile to be listed last.  Jason has been in the Roofing Business since most of you were in your diapers.  That’s a joke, but it sure does seem like it with all the success he’s had.  Starting out as a roofer, he climbed the ladder literally and built up 5 Star to where it is today, (one of the most successful Roofing and Restoration companies on the East Coast.)  He’s been in the biz for over twenty years, and is always grateful for your business, and he’ll never let you down. Jason’s number one goal though, is to work with your insurance company vigorously so you can have your roof replaced, quickly and stress free! Jason is also a certified Drone pilot! If that’s not enough, he’s also a super awesome guy!!

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The Roofers

The Bread and Butter of our Biz.  What can we say?  They’re absolutely incredible, and we’re so grateful to have such a brilliant group of roofers who work spectacularly hard day in and day out.  Don’t you worry, they’re getting their steak dinners on us, trust me.

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